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Italian Lesson 7 – The verbs avere and essere

The two most important verbs in the Italian language to memorize are the verbs: Avere = to have Essere = to be These verbs will form the building blocks of mastering all the tenses in the Italian language. ┬áNo need to worry about that for now, as that is a more advanced topic. In the […]

Italian Lesson 31 – Irregular Past Participles

Here is a lesson on irregular past participles regarding (surprise surprise) Italian verbs. Verbs are almost like spinach, everyone hates them, but the more you consume the stronger you will become in your quest to learn Italian. This lesson is divided into two parts. Audio Lesson #1 Audio Lesson #2

Italian Lesson 32 – Verbs used with Essere

Here is a listing of some verbs (regular and irregular) that are used with the Italian verb essere. Listen to this Italian Lesson

Italian Lesson 34 – Servire and Piacere

This lesson we’ll look at a couple of Italian verbs: Servire – To need, to be of service Piacere – To please, to like Listen to these Italian Verbs