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Italian Lesson 21 – School and Work

This is a two-part lesson that deals with school and work in Italian life. Part One Part Two

Italian Lesson 33 – Meals and Food Vocabulary Words

Here is a tutorial regarding Italian food and meals. We all know how important food is to the Italian culture. This lesson contains some handy vocabulary that will certainly help you on your trip to Italy. Audio Lesson on Italian Food and Meals

Italian Lesson 35 – Vegetables and Fruits

This lesson will go over some common vocabulary words pertaining to Italian vegetables and fruits. There are two audio files that pertain to this lesson. Italian Lesson in Audio – 1 Italian Lesson in Audio – 2

Italian Lesson 39 – Holidays and Special Occasions

Thank you for sticking around to the final audio lesson! This one goes over various holidays and other special occasions in Italy. Italian Audio Lesson