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Introduction to Italian Lessons and free Audio Podcast

Want to learn Italian for free?  On this site are approximately 40 lessons that will give you the foundation to learn Italian starting from square one. If you want the workbook to go along with the audio, just fill out the information on the right side of the site.  Your information will remain confidential and […]

Italian Lesson 1 – Some Basic Phrases

Here are some basic phrases in Italian that will help you during your trip to Italy. This Italian lesson is divided into two audio parts: Listen to Part 1 Listen to Part 2  

Italian Lesson 2 – Basic Guide to Pronunciation

This post will go over the basic pronunciation of the Italian language. Italian is especially known for its various vowel combinations, so we’ll look at various diphthongs (2 vowels in a row) and triphthongs (3 vowels in a row). Listen to the lesson.    

Italian Lesson 3 – Italian Alphabet Podcast

Here is a podcast that will go over the Italian alphabet. Listen to the podcast.  

Italian Lesson 4 – Definite and Indefinite Articles and Deomonstratives

Unfortunately the Italian language is a bit more complicated when it comes to the definite article (the) and the indefinite article (a). There are rules that pertain to number and gender of the nouns that you are describing. There are two audio files that pertain to this lesson. Part One – Articles Part Two – […]

Italian Lesson 5 – Some Useful Words in Italian

Here are some useful words in Italian that will help you on your trip to Italy. Here is the podcast.

Italian Lesson 6 – Subject Pronouns in Italian

When it comes to subject pronouns in Italian, there are some peculiar rules that pertain to whether or not you know the person formally, or on a friendly-basis. This pertains particularly to the “Tu”, or “You” form.  And of course there are other subject pronouns as well. Here is a listing: io / I tu […]