Italian Lesson 6 – Subject Pronouns in Italian

When it comes to subject pronouns in Italian, there are some peculiar rules that pertain to whether or not you know the person formally, or on a friendly-basis. This pertains particularly to the “Tu”, or “You” form.  And of course there are other subject pronouns as well.

Here is a listing:

io / I
tu /you (familiar form)
lui (egli/esso) / he
lei (ella/essa)/ she
Lei / you (formal form )

The following section are plural forms:

noi / we
voi / you (familiar form)
loro (essi) / they (masculine)
loro (esse) / they (feminine)
Loro / you (formal form)

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    aww. i was looking for this. explained well about this. need more words to make a sentences. need to try it 😀

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